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Commercial Roofing in Rockledge, Melbourne, and Palm Bay FL

Commercial Roofing in Rockledge, Melbourne, and Palm Bay FL

Professional Commercial Flat Roofing Services

Unlike residential roofing, there is very little debate on choosing which kind of roof to put on a commercial building. Across the country, especially in wind and storm-prone areas like Rockledge, Melbourne, and Palm Bay FL, businesses almost universally outfit their buildings with a flat roofing system.

Our experienced roofing team has installed commercial flat roofs on many business throughout Rockledge, Melbourne, and Palm Bay FL and the entire space coast area. Some of the reasons why business owners so consistently turn to this option area:

  • Silicone based roof coatings
  • It is very affordable, since there are typically no shingles and less surface area to cover than with a pitched roof.
  • They stand up better than any other kind of roofing in a storm, which is crucial in Florida.
  • Flat roofs allow for more efficient use of space, both on top of the roof and the top floor of the building.
  • HVAC equipment can be placed on top of a flat roof, which drastically reduces the chances that your AC unit will be vandalized or cause an injury to somebody.
  • 3 Reasons why Commercial Flat Roofs are the easiest roofing system to maintain

    One very important consideration when investing in a new roof installation, is how much maintenance will cost over the life of the roof. Flat roofs don't typically need much maintenance, but when they do, this roofing system offers three distinct advantages:

    1. Since the roof is not sloped, it's much easier to get onto it and move around safely.
    2. It is much easier to spot leaks and other issues on a flat roof when no shingles are in the way.
    3. When it's time to replace the roof, it can often be completed in a very short period of time. With a traditional shingle roof, there is also a removal process which takes longer.

    We are proud to offer a free estimate on any new flat roof installation job. Call us today at (321)-214-4400 and our team will let you know how to get the ball rolling in Rockledge, Melbourne, and Palm Bay FL!

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